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These are real comments from customers. They are not made up stories just to sound good. – Carol

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Our Vet "loved their cuts"

Happy Thursday!!! Both Abbey and Bridget had their teeth cleaned last week and this week. They both had some extractions too. Both doing great! Our veterinarian asked who their groomer is... He said he loved their cuts... asked if you were local - His office is in Fallbrook. So he was bummed you weren't located in Fallbrook! Have a great day!!!

– Lisa    Fallbrook, CA

... You did the best job ever!!!!!

We cannot stop talking about how adorable the puppies look since you groomed them yesterday!!!! It is so fun to be able to see their eyes now, too. We did not think they could be any cuter than they aready were, but we were totally wrong. You did the best job ever!!!!!

– Traci L.   Murrieta, CA

... I felt like I got a brand new cat!  [Persian]

Professional and personable, Carol is a "cut above" when it comes to pet grooming. Brought my Persian cat Smokey in for a much needed lion cut. From start to finish Carole was thorough and caring in every aspect of Smokey's grooming experience. Beautiful cut, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, I felt like I got a brand new cat! I highly recommend Carol as a groomer and give her 5+ star rating!

– Joe M.   Murrieta, CA

...extremely thorough and knowledgeable... [American Eskimo mix & Pomeranian mix]

As seen on Yelp...

Carol is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and really cares about your pups! We took our dogs for the first time this week to Carol, and she took a lot of time to walk us and our dogs around her property, as well as getting to know us and our dog's preferences. Her place is super clean and well kept. She is so kind and we look forward to continue going to her!

– Stacey C.   Murrieta, CA

Heidi really hates baths and nail filing [Doberman]

Shy Doberman female really hates baths and nail filing.Heidi

Our Doberman female Heidi, really hates baths and nail filing. She screams and barks as though it was painful. And this behavior was the same with many different pet groomers. Well, the first visit to Carol for a bath and nails went really well, not perfect but a huge improvement.

Carol is an excellent dog groomer and her ability to calm the dog and make her comfortable was inspiring to watch. I expect future visits to Carol's grooming will just get better and better. Really happy that we found Carol's Pet Grooming.

– Marion S.   Murrieta, CA

Carol did a fantastic job grooming him [Terrier mix]

Took our dog Chewy here for the first time. Carol did a fantastic job grooming him. Her shop is very clean. Carol is very kind and professional. Her rate was very reasonable. She does only one pet at a time so your animal is never caged waiting to be groomed. Look forward to her services again. Thank you Carol!

– Yvonne D.

...the most amazing groomer I've ever had

Carol is the most amazing groomer I've ever had. She has a beautiful standalone shop on-site at her home (a ranch). She takes extra time to let the dogs explore her expansive property before beginning each grooming session, so that they can run off nervous energy and get comfortable with her. This was HUGE when I rescued a very skittish dog who needed TLC and not a muzzle. There are no kennels at her shop; each client's dogs are groomed by individual appointment, with utmost care. She actually customized the shampoo solution for one of my dogs who is prone to allergies! It just doesn't get any better.

–Ellen M.   Murrieta, CA

She did the most beautiful cut... [Yorkie]

It was my first time using Carol for my Yorky and she did the most beautiful cut on him. I would recommend her to everyone!

–Wendy C.   Murrieta, CA

I love the cut!!... [Pom/Yorkie mix]

Tessa after first groom at Carol's Pet Grooming for dogs and cats.Tessa after first groom by Carol.

Hi Carol, this is Tracie, Tessa's mom. I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Every single time we've gotten her hair cut [at other grooming salons], I'm so disappointed when we picked her up. But not yesterday!! She looks beautiful. Her hair is so soft.. I love the cut!! and the perfume.. I want some! I love it. ❤ Thank you for taking such great care of her! ❤

–Tracie N.   Murrieta, CA

Just sitting with Delaney having coffee... [Standard Poodle]

Hi Carol, It's Kimberly W, Delaneys "mom". I was just sitting with Delaney having coffee and I had to reach out to you. You did an incredible job, we're so happy we found you. You're truly a professional and very much appreciated. See you in a few weeks :)

–Kimberly W.   Murrieta, CA

I've never seen them come back happier...

Just got back from Carol's, and all I can say is... WOW. One of my dogs is a recent rescue with anxiety issues and she took SUCH care to make him feel comfortable. I've never seen them come back happier or better groomed. Just amazing. Thank you, Carol!

–Ellen M.   Murrieta, CA

"The Girls" had such a positive, non-stressful visit...

I have 2 rescue fur babies. They have had a private groomer for years. When their groomer retired, I took them to a local grooming business in town. The business was recommend to me. One of my doggies was so stressed out time and time again. I couldn't stand it any longer. It is hard to find a private groomer with good reviews. I found Carol on the internet. I gave her a try.

"The Girls" had such a positive, non-stressful visit. They both look great! They both arrived home running around happy and playing then took long naps after all the TLC and pampering from Carol. It is a great private clean environment. I definitely will recommend Carol to anyone who wants reassurance that their fur babies will be in good caring hands.

– Lisa P.

It brought tears to my eyes...

Review seen on Google:

I can't not express how amazing our experience with Carol was. We recently adopted a miniature schnauzer from Tijuana. She was a puppy mill dog who has spent all of her life in a cage until 2 months ago.

Carol took the time to walk her with her dogs and get her comfortable before her hair cut. She let me know that the cut could take awhile - if my dog got stressed she would take her down and let her relax and then continue. It was the best experience I've ever had with a groomer and I have two very spoiled English bulldogs so I am not a stranger to high end care for my pets - hands down Carol is the best!!! I was in awe at her shop, passion for dogs and Talent for grooming. My dog was scared and somehow her haircut came out magazine ready.

When I picked up our sweet puppy she looked like a brand new dog, it brought tears to my eyes with the care and love she put into my dogs hair cut, she understood that for this dog it was so much more, a mile stone for our baby and her new life.

Do yourself a favor and make Carol your groomer!!

– Whitney E.

My baby boy is back to his sweet sassy self...

I couldn't possibly be more grateful for Carol, my sweet Senior kitty had a rough 18 months away from us, family circumstances required me to leave him with a friend that I would have trusted with my own life. Unfortunately she neglected my boy and he was severely and I mean SEVERELY matted, beyond anything i had ever personally dealt with and my heart was completely broken.

He was my baby before my son, and has always been loved and spoiled beyond measure, I had tremendous anxiety over anyone else touching my baby but knew his situation was beyond me. I read carol's reviews and knew she shared the same love and compassion for animals and would care for my baby as if he was her own.

And I was NOT let down! We worked together to make Leo as comfortable as possible, she knew so many tricks I never would have thought of, and made me feel COMPLETELY comfortable. I hope to never need her help with this particular circumstance again, but for absolutely anything relating to the grooming of my babies, she's gained a client for life.

Her personality was just icing on the cake, I could not help but hug her when I left. I am so full of gratitude and my baby boy is back to his sweet sassy self, thank you carol!!

– Amy P.

Grooming room was clean and beautiful...

Loved her caring nature! She took such good care of my German Shepherd. She gave him a walk and showed my kids and I around her grooming room, which was clean and beautiful. Very happy with her service and will be going back to her again.

– Amber J.

His coat is so soft...

Easy to get an appointment; My Yorker was groomed first thing this morning and he smells great and his coat is so soft! Thanks Carol!! woof!!

– Patsy A.

Great job on Libby [bulldog]...

Libby the bulldog after first groom at Carol's Pet Grooming for dogs and cats.Libby after first groom by Carol.

Hi Carol.

Thank you so much for the great job on Libby :).

We'll be back and tell everyone about you.

You're the best. Have a great weekend.

– Patty & Randy

My Yorker was a mess...

My Yorker was a mess b4 Carol groomed him! I am happy and amazed with Carol's clean and organized shop, the one to one loving care that my dog received. I highly recommend Carol.

– Patsy

Joey and Sofie actually get excited to go see her...

Carol is THE BEST! My mini schnauzers have never looked so good and Joey and Sofie actually get excited to go see her. Carol genuinely cares about giving them the best care and even sends me video of the pups running around her big beautiful property. I am so happy that I found her, her skills are only outmatched by her heart... she really is the best!

– Denise O.

Delights Bella to no end...

If you are looking for a professional and reliable pet groomer, Carol is your person. She has been grooming Bella, my little dog, for about 6 years, and both Bella and I love her. Bella gets to run on Carol's property with Carol's dogs before getting groomed which delights Bella to no end. When I get her back, I know she will be perfectly cleaned, cut, and even adorned with bows.

– Linda M.

She absolutely loved Carol...

I went to Carol for over 10+ years before my dog, Cairn passed. She absolutely loved Carol and her pups. She never feared her, unlike when I took her to a groom shop. Her prices are reasonable and she always had some sort of accessory when I picked her up. I highly recommend Carol!

– Shellby R.

Our standard poodle looks gorgeous...

Carol is the most knowledgeable, caring and skilled groomer we've ever had and we are so glad we found her. Our standard poodle looks gorgeous and Carol is helping him get comfortable with the process in such a patient way. I appreciate her so much!

– Helena A.

Takes care of your pet like it is her own...

Everyone needs to know what a fantastic groomer and lady Carol is. I have been taking my dogs to her for over a year now and I can honestly say that she is the best groomer that I've ever had. She takes care of your pet like it is her own. In addition, Carol volunteers her time at LEAF to help groom any and all dogs that come into LEAF needing help. If you have any special grooming needs, I guarantee Carol can handle it. She is the absolute best. Thanks again Carol for all you do. Mike!!

– Mike F.

Both Mimi and I are extremely grateful...

Hey Carol! It's Gerardo, Mimi's owner. I just wanted to give you an update, we took her to the vet (we ended up taking her to a VCA in murrieta) and she's doing a lot better. The biggest concern was her ears since they are really bothering her, so they gave us a topical ointment for the tips of her ears and the ear canal and she also got an antibiotic injection since she was really struggling to eat the fish amoxicillin pills.

She also said the enlarged glands were something to take a closer look on the next visit since they were big but not causing her any noticeable pain and is something that is going to take more time. She's been trembling occasionally but the doctor suspects it's the ears and the fact that's she's had a stressful week.

The doctor was very impressed with how well she was groomed and said all your advice was very helpful so I wanted to thank you again. Both Mimi and I are extremely grateful, you're an angel, thank you for all your help. I'll be sure to send you a picture and another thank you once she's 100%. Take Care.

– Gerardo

She did such an amazing job on my dog...

I recently moved to the area and took my dog to petco and my dog looked terrible and was traumatized. I'll call several groomers and no one would call me back. But Carol was very professional and called me back quickly. She did such an amazing job on my dog. We now have Gigi scheduled to be groomed with her every other month. Thanks Carol, you're the best!

– Breanna C.

Kaiah and Noa – Carol set the bar really high...

We've been taking our dogs to Carol for several years and our dogs ALWAYS love to see her for their grooming. Carol keeps great notes of how we want each of our dogs to be groomed (one is clipped short and the other always needs de-shedding) so we're always sure we'll get our dogs back with just the right grooming. She takes them for a walk and treats them like her own.

A groomer like Carol, who takes her time and gets to know her clients and really cares for each dog, that's really something special. I'm so sad to be moving and to have to find a new groomer because Carol set the bar really high. She's the best! Our dogs are going to miss going to see "auntie Carol". Thank you for what you do.

– Alina

Calico Kitty – excellent job...

Review seen on Google:

Wonderful and friendly groomer! She did an excellent job shaving my long haired calico kitty! My kitty was not stressed at all when I picked her up. There were no nicks on her and her shave was smooth and even! I would highly recommend her to any pet owner! I will definitely be bringing my kitty and my dog to her again. Thank you Carol!

– Laurie Northrop Good

Ellie Aka (Annie) – extra mile...

It's not everyday that you come across someone so willing to go the extra mile. That's what happen to me today as I went to get my son's first puppy "Ellie" micro chipped at Animal Friends of the Valleys. Carol had walked by as I was telling the ladies that it was my son's first puppy.

Carol noticed the nails needed trimming and asked if I would like for her to clip her nails. As we were in the grooming room I had lots of questions and concerns about Ellie and Carol out of the kindness of her own heart ended up giving Ellie a flea bath and cleaned her up very nicely. As well as even giving us a some spray for her and a leash for us to take home.

Thanks Carol and staff for all the advice and for grooming Ellie today. It was truly a blessing to have met you and we can't wait for you to meet Noah. He is going to be so excited when he gets home today from school seeing how beautiful Ellie looks! Thanks again, The C. Family

– Kim C.

Sheeba – Kitty gets a bath and groom, meow!

I brought my cat Sheeba to Carol's Pet grooming for the first time yesterday, and I was extremely impressed by her care and attentiveness to Sheeba's comfort. She offers a very safe environment for all the animals in her charge - and that was very reassuring. Carol also did a wonderful job grooming and bathing Sheeba. If you have an anxious kitty with long hair, I highly recommend Carol.

– Lisa

Roxy – Comes home gorgeous and happy!

Never before have I met such a caring and professional groomer. Carol truly cares about the health and well being of our little dog and it shows. Not only does Roxy come home gorgeous, she comes home happy! Highly recommend!!

– Debra B.

Debra was kind enough to send a letter to the assistant director at Animal Friends of the Valleys.
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Bandit – Fur ball to show worthy

We were so impressed by Carol's compassion and professionalism. We dropped off our Yorkie, Bandit, as a big fur ball and he came home looking perfect! His coat is silky smooth & the cut is show worthy. The love that Carol has for animals is evident in the work she does. I will recommend Carol to everyone looking for a caring and professional groomer.

– Denise P.

Toby, Rosie & Tessa have special needs

I absolutely love this salon. Thank you Carol for always taking such great care of my "Dog Kids"! Each one of these dogs has a special need. Toby doesn't like the hair shaved around his bottom too much, Rosie has sensitive ears and Tessa is incontinent, plus leg issues. Carol sees to that each dog gets the love and attention that they need! She is the best. I highly recommend this salon!

– Shannon F.

Maverick, the stressed, angry Belgium Shepard thanks you

What happened to me and my dog Maverick a big Belgium Shepard today was awesome. I got hooked up with Carol quickly and timely... had the great fortune of meeting the director of Animal Friends of the Valleys who is one of the original founding mothers of Leaf who fought the City to get the animals properly taken care of... with loving care and amazing endurance they took a stressed angry dog through shaving, bathing and spa.

I was in awe of Carol... the facility..the staff..everything was done with love for my stressed angry dog..my experience today I wish I had a video because they were amazing..Maverick thanks you..I thank you..you run a class operation. I am so glad God put me in contact with you.

– Merrie W.

A tale of two tails


Max looks amazing!!! After his grooming, he looked like a different dog! Our standard poodle gets looks simply for his sheer size, but the grooming adds that irresistable edge that makes EVERYONE who passes stop in awe! Georgeous!!!!!

Bob Marley

As a rescue, Marley got his name because of his filthy dreadlocks. Carol was amazing with Marley. He looks like a show dog now! It is also reassuring that Marley practically jumps out of my arms each time he sees Carol, he loves her so much - even though he is not that fond of getting bathed. Carol is one in a million!!!!!

– Laura D.

Brooke has never looked better

My Australian Shepard Brooke has never looked better. Carol really took the time to inspect every inch of her to make sure the job was done well. The price was great and better than prices they offer at P***O. Overall it was a spectacular job and Carol is very good with dogs. I will definitely be back!

– Douglas

Could not be any more happy

Carol, We did get the pictures and they were great. Thank you again for your commitment and professionalism to your profession. Sharon and I could not be any more happy with the grooming that you did for Coco.

– Lawrence

Major [Newfie] & Layla [Husky mix], after bath and light deshed

Wow, they've never looked as good as this before coming from any other groomer. Their coats shine. They look great, and feel unbelievable!

– Mike and Lyndsay

Wilkey, "above and beyond..."

I am so impressed at how quick Carol came to the rescue. Usually booking out two weeks, she went above and beyond for us and our Husky we had adopted from Friends Of the Valley animal shelter. It was important to me to try and get him groomed before his surgery,and she pulled it off and I am so grateful! I look forward to our next visit with Carol. Everyone involved in our 'doggie addition' has been great, right down to the services of the staff at the shelter. Thank you!! So much!!

– Lisa

Catie, "best she has ever looked..."

Hi Carol,
We wanted you to know how pleased we were with Catie's grooming. She looks the best she has ever looked and she is so soft and silky. I know you had a bit of a challenge to try to repair her previous poor trim, but you did a great job. I know Catie also had a great time sniffing and running around your property. We were very impressed and we'll be back again and refer you to other friends.

Thanks so much.
– Sue, Todd and Catie

Review seen on Google

Real nice lady, does a great job. My chihuahua loved her, and smells much cleaner, and is much fuzzier now. I strongly recommend her services. Good prices, good service, happy dog. ^.^

– Unknown

Snowball Returns (White Cockapoo)

Hi Carol,
You had groomed my dog when I first adopted him from the shelter about 9 months ago. Since then, I have taken him to other groomers but nobody has been able to make him look as nice as you did. The folks at the shelter gave me your number. I'm glad I found you again, I want you to groom my Snowball from now on.

– Alexandra

BeeGee (Bichon Frize)

He looks wonderful! I'm so releived I found somebody who genuinely cares for the dogs. You never know what happens at the groomers. BeeGee usually cries when I pick him up at the groomers, but he didn't cry with you. Thanks so much.

– Karen

Rusty's First Groom (Pomeranian)

Hi Carol, I'm just calling to tell you I *love* the cut you gave Rusty, he looks adorable. Love the way you did his tail, it's perfect! We want to use you for all his future grooms.

– Kay H.

Clean, safe environment

I have two kids that go to a private school and I drop them off knowing they are safe and in a good place. I feel the same way about bringing Jessie and Maddie [two cockers] to you, this is such a clean, safe environment.

– Rhonda K.

Frenchy, the Poodle

Carol, you did an awesome job! My dog, Frenchy, is very particular with people and doesn't take to everybody. He seems very happy with you and he looks great. I can't wait to take him home so I can take a picture of him. No matter how far away you live, we'll be coming to you.

– Jose

Tikani, the Big Husky, gets a Bath, Brush and De-shed

OMG, she looks beautiful and she feels so soft!

– Michael

Pet sitting... above and beyond...

Carol did a fabulous job with the "girls" while we were away in Cabo. She cooked for them, she stayed over at our house and had sleepovers with our precious girls Madison and Oprah. She gave them the love and attention that they are used to getting. The dogs were so much happier staying home, where they are comfortable instead of going to the boarding kennel while we were away on vacation. We were able to enjoy our vacation without worrying about our girls. We came home to a clean house and happy dogs!

I recommend Carol to anyone. You will be pleased with the service she provides and your pets will reap the benefit of her compassion and love of animals. I can be reached at 951-674-0618 Ext. 221 for any reference questions you may have. Thank you Carol for helping in so many ways! You do go above and beyond.


– Willa Bagwell, Executive Director, Animal Friends of the Valleys

Happy happy...

Carol, thanks for doing such a great job on O.G. and Princess. Both looked beautiful and I've never seen them look so happy after a groom. When we used to pick them up at P**S***t, they were never this happy.

– Freda

Gives him royal treatment...

We drive 90 miles round trip at least once a month to bring our German Shepherd to Carol. We've been customers for close to four months. She is professional, itemizes her services, and loves animals. She takes our dog for a walk and gives him royal treatment while he is there. We are able to drop him off knowing she will be kind to him and get the job done right. We can see our dog has a special place in Carol's heart, and he's a big rowdy boy!

She has offered us priceless advice regarding training and hygene care for our dog. She is actively connected with the community in animal awareness and it shows. We are glad we met Carol and we will be bringing all future furry family members to her!

Thanks Carol!

– Mike and Stephanie

Fantastic job!

Hi Carol, Thanks again for grooming my dog, Mercedez, last week. She is so happy to have a summer haircut and you did a fantastic job!

– Jill P.

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