I don't see your address on the web site. Why is that and where are you located?

I have a grooming shop on my property, not too far from Clinton Keith and Menifee Rd. It's on an unpaved road and GPS sometimes gets the address incorrect.

Since bookings are by appointment only (no walk-ins as with a storefront), I provide my address and directions when booking the appointment.

Do cats need to be bathed or groomed?

A natural cat is self-cleaning. The natural cat will pull out dead hair and skin cells with its barbed tongue, scratch off worn claw sheaths, and scrape its teeth clean while shearing meat from the bones of its prey.

The domestic cat, however, is not a natural cat. It may have longer hair; it eats a prepared diet, and lives in homes where scratch marks are not very much appreciated. With the moderately long hair, the cat may struggle to keep its coat in order, and may suffer from hairballs. Daily grooming is essential for long haired breeds, but even short-haired cats can benefit.

Professional grooming is a must for matted cats of any age. There are a couple of different styles to choose from. Even a bath and nails and a light sanitary shave to make your cat feel cleaner and fresh smelling.

Where can I purchase a good pure breed or mix dog or cat?

I have always been in favor of adopting a pet from either a rescue center or a shelter, like Animal Friends of the Valleys or Ark. There is now a deductible available for income tax purposes if you adopt a pet. Why not save a life instead of adding to the unwanted in the shelters and rescue centers?

I really want a dog for our family, but we have allergies. What would you recommend?

Whenever considering adding a pet to your family, always do your research first. You can get information on the web or from your local library and book stores. Make sure you understand the breed’s temperment, upkeep requirements and health. In general, hypo-allergic dogs are dogs that do not shed, but they do matt. Therefore this will be a dog that will need more daily upkeep and grooming, at least every 4-6 weeks.

A few examples of hypo-allergic dogs are: Poodles, Bichon Frise, and Hairless Chinese Crested.

What type of food should I feed my dog?

A premium nutrition food is best. The premium foods will have high digestibility, no need for supplements, lower stool volume, cost-effective (smaller portions are needed) more appealing taste and smell and satisfaction guaranteed.

The basic foods use corn, fillers and cereals and are not 100% nutritionally complete. You will need to feed your dog more to satisfy him which in the long run is not cost effective.

Carol is an
Advanced Profesional Groomer certified by
International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG)

Animal Friends of the Valleys - Animal Shelter

If you're looking for a new pet to bring into your family, please consider adopting from the
Animal Friends of the Valleys animal shelter.