IPG Advanced Professional Groomer • 16+ Years Experience

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Professional Dog Grooming
with Tender Loving Care

Carol is an
Advanced Profesional Groomer certified by
International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG)

Carol's Pet Grooming is where your dogs love to get groomed. I spruce them up, clip their locks, trim their nails and give them a whole lotta love. It's all about making the dog's grooming experience relaxing and enjoyable, with peace of mind for you while they are in my care.

My air conditioned facility is kept clean and disinfected at all times. Your pet's welfare is my prime concern.

I use only the finest products that will leave your pet's coat sparking fresh and shiny. There are no extra charges given for premium shampoos or anal gland expression. If you prefer to bring along your own special products, that's fine too.

– Carol Larson, APG

Seven great reaons why you and your dogs will love Carol's Pet Grooming

No kennelling

With many, if not most grooming shops, your dog will be put in a cage to await their groom, which could be hours. Kenneling in a strange environment with other barking dogs can put undue stress on your pet.

Super-clean facilities

Clean, safe and friendly environment. Shop is completely cleaned and disinfected every day and after each grooming.

Dog Walking

Dogs are walked prior to groom. They can even play with my dogs if they are so inclined to have some doggie fun.

One Groomer

I'm the only groomer here at Carol's Pet Grooming. I get to know your dog and your dog gets to know me. I also keep notes on every dog being groomed.

Grooming Experience

I have years of experience grooming at Animal Friends of the Valleys animal shelter so I am familiar with common medical conditions, ailments and treatments. I can often spot problems that others may miss.


Tender Loving Care in spades. I have 4 dogs myself and I treat all my customer's dogs as if they were my own. And I treat my dogs very, very well!

And last but not least...

... a Great Groom, if I do say so myself. But don't just take my word for it, feel free to peruse the testimonials...

Carol of Carol's Dog grooming with Ravyn
Carol meets her new giant schnauzer puppy, Ravyn, for the first time.